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How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path Period between 21st October to 27th November is inauspicious with regard to Mars. Since, during this period Mars behaves ruthlessly. Characteristicts Traits of Number 9 People with number 9 are radiant and furious. They are leaders and have an ability to lead groups of people or organizations. They are courageous enough to take risks in life. They are dedicated towards their work and prefer to complete it independently.

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You always know exactly where to go and what to do. Brown is favourable for the engineers. Challenge: You have so many ideas and inspirations, in such a unique way you might not know how to handle the energy or have the confidence to bring your ideas to fruition. You simply need to admit that you are not the center of the Universe, and really need support at times. All shades of grey are lucky for the students.

They are capable of facing obstacles with courage and work hard to ward them off. People with number 9 are active and agile and can accomplish any work successfully in a hurry. They always try to accomplish their work on time. They are very disciplined and expect the same from others.

They cannot face criticism and with the effect of Mars , they are also very short tempered. Their nature is highly influenced by Mars. They are best suited to perform tasks involving physical activities. Sports and army are good career options for them. People with number 9 can achieve great heights through hard work and dedication. They have the tendency to surprise anyone with their work. They perform all the works assigned to them with full enthusiasm and seek appreciation on its accomplishment. They are capable of handling any obstacle that comes their way and are always surrounded by some or the other problems in life.

They like to do their work independently with full control without any interference of others. Negative characteristic Traits of number 9 People belonging to number 9 are agile and active. They are very aggressive and people misunderstand them due to this trait. They attract enemies easily cause of their short temperament and as a consequence, have many enemies in life. They are prone to accidents and injuries since they are risk takers. Tags: number 9 numerology numbers indian numerology birth number root number 9. Categories: Numerology. You will be loving and very sensitive to pleasing others, as well as receiving subtle energy and subconscious messages.

As a 2 Life Path you are very psychic! You are strongly connected to childhood memories and children , and their dreams. You are a natural peacemaker and can always see two sides of a situation.

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You enjoy being in any partnership whether it be as lovers, friends, or colleagues. You must learn to listen to and express your own needs rather than please others. You must also learn not to take things personally. Once you learn how to create healthy boundaries, say no when you are feeling stretched, and listen to your own needs, you can tap into your unbound intuition and truly thrive.

Cooperation, fertility, and growth are life themes for you. You enjoy creating and expressing heartfelt emotion. You are a natural counselor and love to make people feel comfortable and nurtured.

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This is a highly sociable vibration who loves to smile, have fun, and make people laugh. Challenge: Because you feel very deeply, you are sometimes self-conscious about expressing your emotions, and withdraw. You tend to be scattered and experience self-doubt. Once you learn how to express what is inside of you directly and joyfully — saying what you feel, you will find many fulfilling relationships and endeavors.

You are interested in all matters of the physical world such as structure, family, order, logic, power, property, and real estate. This includes anything in the earthly dominion, such as the four elements, four seasons, four cardinal directions, etc. As such your relationship to your father was a strong influence in your life.

This is so you can learn how to father yourself and find your authority within. For some, your fathers are your role models. It is very important for you have security and share your bounty with others. You like to master things and pass down your experience to others. As a Life Path 4, you are a fierce protector of people and causes you believe in, so anyone would be lucky to have you on their side.

You can be overly logical or stubborn, and allow your need for security to overwhelm your better judgment. You must become comfortable with self-discipline so you find strength and fortitude within. You must learn how to balance reason with emotions, intuition with logic, and work with play.

As a Life Path 5, you are a quick-witted fun loving person who loves to learn and play. You are a freedom fighter and adventure lover who needs to experience things for yourself, through your five senses. You are a natural storyteller, entertainer, and also a very good counselor. This is a highly social vibration so you are sure to be the life of the party. You are always fun to be around! Challenge: Oftentimes you have difficulty finding what you want to commit to because your need for freedom and variety is so strong. You must learn that freedom comes from within, so if you find something that you like, you must find the discipline to stick to it and find freedom within that.

Also, you often learn from mistakes, so please understand that you cannot be perfect right away. Mistakes are part of the learning process and its OK to make them. As a Life Path 6, you are very sensitive to vibrations, and therefore wish for your environment and all your relationships to feel peaceful and harmonious. You are often highly idealistic, and find beauty all around you. You are strongly connected to music, colors, art, and anything that brings harmony and beauty. You can pick up the energy of a person or room instantly, because you are highly intuitive.

This Life Path learns best from relating to others, so they often feel the need to be in a romantic relationship. You love to nurture and are naturally good with animals, children, and plants. Challenge: Since you are so sensitive to vibrations, you dislike being criticized at all costs, and will often do anything to please people, even at your own expense.

You have especially high, if not perfectionist expectations of yourself, and often compare yourselves to others, and can think life is not fair. Trust is the key for you. You have a wonderful mind that loves to penetrate the truth of every situation, and therefore can make a great researcher. A Life Path 7 can read between the lines. You love to explore all of the mysteries of life, and can apply your mind to anything you choose.

You are connected to the Spirit in all things, and have a wonderful intuition. Since your mind is so strong and insightful, you are always picking up higher frequencies, therefore you require a great deal of privacy, alone time, meditation and introspection to process all of the energy and insight you are receiving.

You are deeply connected to nature, especially water.

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Being in the expansive energy of the elements helps you feel at One with everything. Challenge: You often fear betrayal and therefore attract relationships where you are, in fact, betrayed. A Life Path 7 must learn to train your mind and develop faith in yourself, in Spirit, and the Universe. This Life Path can find reality too difficult and therefore escape into addictions or avoid commitment.

Once you learn to trust your own intuition, you will attract more trustworthy people and circumstances and trust the process of life as well. As an 8 Life Path, you are a magnetic person who can make a great leader and organizer because of your ability to see the big picture of things. You also have a knack for managing people and projects on a large scale, and have the ability to make a great deal of money. You are strong, both physically and emotionally, and your strength is often tested.

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This Life Path is passionate about everything they do. You like people to view you with respect.

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If you are born on November 5th then Astrology or numerology can predicts Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on November 5th on your birth date, Though you may make good numbers of friend, often you feel lonely and All shades of grey are lucky for the students. Every birth date has numerology lucky numbers within it. Some are visible. Some are hidden. Some may repeat.

Challenge: You often fear your passions or power, associating these qualities with negativity or greed. You need to trust that your passions will lead you to your purpose, and being powerful with the right intentions can be in service of the greater good. You can often feel victimized, or get so caught up in your career that you forget to take time to play or nurture your spirit. Since you are meant to learn to be a steward of money and power, and harness the infinite resources of the Universe, you can experience great losses as well as great gains.

You can actively avoid money, responsibility, status or power due to subconscious fears that others will view you as greedy or domineering.

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