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Using a different set of rules and guidelines, the numbers can reveal much of the upcoming themes that we will encounter as a nation, a planet and as a civilization. David Palmer, also known as The Leo King, has taken astrology to a new place in the world of social media. His videos, seminars, tours, and television appearances have rocketed him to the top of the list of emerging astrologers. Listen as your host Chris Flisher, speaks with astrologer Michael Lutin. Jupiter represents possibility, optimism and expansion. How will this impact you? How can you use this time to gain control and conquer your challenges?

Sagittarians are adventurerers. We all dream. What do they tell us about ourselves? Is the answer to be found in a dream? Why are some more powerful and memorable than others? How can they help to guide us? These and many more questions are the topic of this discussion with acclaimed dream analyst, Layne Dalfen. We have all spent time wondering about the great mystery of what happens when we die. But what really happens? Scientist and religious skeptic, Nancy Rynes faced such an event and lived to tell her story.


We have all had moments where we felt as if events unfold in uncanny sequence. Synchronicity, as coined by C. Jung, forms a backdrop for the modern spiritual movement and the interconnectedness of all things. Have we been here before? Why do events tumble into each other with remarkable similarity? We have been riding a wave of financial prosperity that has been strong and consistent.

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Just what you need. Dr Robert Schoch. Emma books 36 friends. With Mercury in opposition to Uranus today as well this will be a few days of anxiety and stress. J Tyberonn. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Yet, despite the growth there may be a lingering clue that much of what we are seeing is a false front. But when you look within yourself for peace and balance,…. Added by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. Added by Rhea Dopmeijer 2 Comments 1 Like. Added by Rhea Dopmeijer 0 Comments 0 Likes. Powered by. Astrology of the Election. By James Tyberonn. James Tyberonn. Let me preface this sharing by saying that I firmly believe the future is a moving target, and that no one can truly predict it.

However, as Edgar Cayce states, astrology is a science of 'cosmic' gravities that absolutely influence humanity. Cayce also emphasizes that human will is stronger than any astrological influence. Let me also add that I am not expressing any political views in this article, rather I am examining from an astrological stance the potentials as shared by respected astrologists.

That having said, I do find it interesting to consider with discernment the opinions of certain master astrologists in terms of certain trends. Certainly we are in a powerfully intense astrology at present. Energies are changing. The 'Millennials' are in the early stages of the power they will in time achieve, and that has been visible in the 'anti-establishment' political movements to remove the 'old-guard' of corporate control.

Metatron does not speak on politics or elections. But as we have shared in recent newsletters, Metatron has spoken considerably about this phase of 'Crucible Astrology' in which all of the unresolved energies and injustices will rise along with a certain open phase of 'Pandora's Box'.

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Welcome to the new home of Mitchell Scott Lewis (Jupiter Rising and or if you' re interested in learning about astrology you've come to the right place. Click here for latest newsletter. Click below for the archived.

This is a requisite time of clearing, a rather chaotic but necessary prelude to the coming age of humanity's ascension. My life partner of 38 years, Anne is a remarkable full trance medium, and has an extraordinary ability to scan Akashic Records and energies. Anne has the gift of both, but is staunchly private in her use of this ability.

Astrologer Mitchell Scott has accurately used a unique blend of astrology methods to accurately predict the outcome of the last 4 presidential elections. Mitchell Scott Lewis, who specializes in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation, discussed what he sees in charts for America, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and election day, as well as what he sees coming in the year He also sees a perilous result in Britain's exit of the EU, on the financial front, with a continually weakening British currency.

He predicts though, as cooler heads prevail in the fall, Hillary will win the presidency, and on Election Day, November 8th, the moon will be in Aquarius, which may help her. Looking ahead to the year , America will experience one of the most stressful astrological aspects in 50 years, with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars all conjunct in Capricorn on America's Pluto, he noted.

However, if the country makes the right choices leading into this year, the outcomes won't be as bad, Lewis commented. However, noted astrologer and 'prophet' John Hogue sees it a bit differently.

Big Confusion ~ Jupiter Square Neptune with Mitch Lewis

He suggests in the below U-Tube interview that Trump could pull out the win. He discusses the Gemini traits in Trump, and a powerful 12 th house in Mars that suggests an extraordinary ability to manifest will, and also shows some compassionate aspects and traits of 'genius', that could be effectively applied in the event he wins the election.

He sees Trumps chart as quite powerful on the election day November 8, I pray for highest good, and I always keep in mind that we ascend 'one heart at a time' in this 'purposed illusion' of the 'University of Duality'. The times are changing! Now to switch gears slightly , I would like to briefly touch base on some astro notes regarding the Uranus retro that initiated this week. I will release next week an astro view of August, but in the interim, keep in mind we are in a topsy-turvy energy.

Emotions can flow up and down to extremes. Logic is not at its best, and deceptive energies can be at play from the last week of July thru the end of August. Expect the unexpected, and keep grounded Be cautious and meditate! I will release a more complete astrological review of August next week J Tyberonn. Mitchel Lewis Astro Notes for the Next week:. Uranus rules electronics and the internet. While in retrograde there will be more problems with those devices we have all become so addicted to and complacent about.

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Computers may be more of a problem than usual. It also has much to do with electricity and there may be some issues there as well.

Murder in the 11th House by Mitchell Lewis -

This is a time when mediation and anything that centers your thoughts will be especially important. If you are nervous by nature you may feel this retrograde more intensely. In any case, it's important to calm your thoughts and allow the brain time to assimilate new information. Retrograde planets internalize the energy of that planet, and there may be too much data coming to you all at once. It does very well in this mutable earth sign and can be helpful in a number of ways.

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Virgo is very good with the little details, although it can be too critical at times. It's important not to get caught up in the small things and ignore the bigger picture. This is a good placement for all business issues. In the arts this is a great placement for editors or anyone whose attention to detail is required.

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Try not to be too picky or you could push people away. A good balance between honesty and compassion will help use this energy to your best advantage.

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This falls early in the morning, so its effects will be felt more strongly the night before. This is a time to take off the blinders and explore what the world has to offer. It's not a time to sit in front of a computer, but an opportunity to undertake a journey of exploration. This is followed by the Sun trine Saturn, see below a less enthusiastic transit that tends to deal more with responsibility, so try to enjoy this trine and get out and see what the universe has to offer.

This isn't an exciting aspect, but it can be a very useful one. It's a good day to clean up your desk and put things in order. A realistic attitude will prevail, and business will be more on our minds than play. Because it is a positive trine we can make use of this mood without feeling trapped or restricted as many Saturn transits can do.