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12222: Year of the Pig – Chinese Animal Signs

Chinese see that pigs eat food all the time, enjoy sleeping all day long and worry nothing during its entire life. The Pig can get along with most of other zodiac animals. Therefore, the Pig is a lucky animal. Baby Born on July 20, - Zodiac of Pig. Baby Born on August 19, - Zodiac of Pig. Pig's characteristics are smart, knowledgeable, sociable, understanding, trusting, loyal, sturdy, persistent, hardworking, composed, striking and popular. Pig also can be judgmental, self-indulgent, gullible, impatient, or irritable. Pig has a very friendly personality. It's easy for Pig to get along with others.

Pig likes to help people.

Lucky Signs for People Born in Monkey Year:

When will this happen? Many times, they will get too into work and forget to eat. This final eclipse of will be magical. If you're only working on faith and forget the brass tacks, the happy ending you're hoping for might never materialize. Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. If zodiac Pig has a weak personality, then mechanic engineering, electric engineering, computer hardware, machinery, manufacture, transportation equipment, health care equipment, surgeon, technicians, appliances, military, security, internet network, financial industry, banks, stock trading, trust, investment, exchange, music instruments, TV, video games, etc. Success will show itself in the workplace and education, while relationships and health will be the areas that suffer.

But sometimes people think Pig interferes with their business. Pig doesn't like to change the daily routine. It doesn't care about the quality of the surrounding environment and lifestyle. Although it doesn't care about a dirty environment, Pig still likes a clean place close itself. Since Pig cares about itself and focuses on tiny things, people feel Pig is kind of selfish. When against its interest, Pig is quite difficult to negotiate with others.

Pig is the last animal of the 12 Chinese Zodiac.

Sun enters Scorpio

Pig is connected to the Female Water. Female Water people usually can provide the opposite suggestion to others. They can see and learn things from different angles. They have a good memory. People will respect their knowledge. Therefore, Pig is considered as a smart animal with wisdom. Pig month is November.

Chinese Calendar of November 12222

It's the beginning month of winter. Therefore, Pig is connected to the cold water in the winter. When too cold, Water won't help plants to grow. Cold water can be destructive, offensive and encroaching. Therefore, the Pig has dual personalities.

Sometimes, Pig has dark-side thinking for itself. Zodiac hours, days, months, and years are used together for in-depth character and destiny analysis. In popular astrology, by contrast, only the birth year is used. Most Chinese people use lunar new year as the start of the zodiac year. But for professional fortune telling, Chinese astrologers use 'Start of Spring' or solar new year as the beginning of the zodiac year.


November 2, Daily Chinese horoscope for the Rat, Ox. The Chinese animal zodiac is a year cycle of 12 signs. will be a year of the Pig, starting from February 5th and ending on January 24th It will be Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec . In ancient times, in order to tell the time, people divided a day into twelve 2-hour periods, and.

To make a relatively correct Chinese fortune prediction, people take many methods into consideration, such as face characteristics, palmistry , and more involved Chinese astrology including birth month, day, and hour, gender, etc. Zodiac fortune prediction by birth year is only one of these methods. So you may only take Chinese zodiac birth sign horoscopes as a general reference. AU: UK: All: Home Chinese Culture Chinese Zodiac.

It will be an Earth Pig year. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 You are a:. Date of Birth:. Girl's Name:. The ancients heard them at this hour. Ox am Oxen chew the cud most comfortably. People of old would get up and feed them at this time. Tiger am Tigers hunt most ferociously. Chinese people long ago often hear them roaring at this time.

Attached Tigers will need to learn to be more sensitive in their relationships as conflicts and misunderstandings are more likely this year. It is advised to avoid making any major changes. Instead, take your time to get in touch with your more emotional side. Learn to be more forgiving and tolerant of your partner and family. This is a good time to pay attention to your health and wellness as nothing major is coming your way. You must focus on getting more Vitamin D and plenty of fresh air. Enjoy this time and take on activities that allow you to stay outside, such as hiking, gardening or jogging.

However, you need to avoid being reckless just because you are in a prosperous period. Avoid over-exhausting yourself and remember to remain hydrated. You may find yourself being more careless so be cautious about your activities and travels this year. Try to avoid sitting for too long. There is a chance that you will face losses this year if you are not careful with your investments. It is likely that your finances will fluctuate heavily this year. However, your gains will be as prosperous as your losses.

You will need to keep a close eye on your finances and consider employing strict budgeting measures. You must maintain a sense of discipline and diligence when it comes to your finances this year. Avoid gambling or investments that are deemed too risky. You may be able to make up your losses through gains in your career. The Rabbit is favoured by the Pig, however, the Rabbit cannot carry all of the generosity and warmth given by the Pig. You have the potential to make big changes for yourself and be noticed by those in higher positions.

However, the Rabbit must be careful not to be too contented or become too stubborn in having to make everything perfect. It is your alertness and willingness to progress that will help you increase your productivity. As the Pig is related to elders and those of seniority in your life, you should consider turning to senior members to look for your benefactors and advisors. You will gain the most valuable information from them. The year of the Pig blesses the Rabbit with good fortune and luck when it comes to their love life this year. As compatible signs, the Pig provides the comfort and safety that the Rabbit needs to venture out and find love and increased friendships.

Single Rabbits will find many unexpected but welcomed opportunities to meet someone or form bonds. Married Rabbits should enjoy this time by improving their relationship with their partner. Physical intimacy is important this year. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you can meet with your partner face-to-face instead of through email or text.

Thus, the health of the Rabbit may be more delicate this year and you will have to be more diligent when it comes to health matters. Stress and emotional health are the most important for you as it could affect your work life. Thus, it is important that the Rabbit finds other outlets to release tension and express themselves creatively. Be vigilant about your health, especially about your diet. You may be prone to overindulging in the year of the Pig so it is important to be cautious. While the Rabbit may feel empowered by the good fortune in the other areas of their life, they should approach matters of finance and money carefully.

This may not be a good period for you to invest. Your income will flow in steadily and slowly β€” do not feel that you need to hasten to bolster it. Avoid being too reckless or impractical. Instead, enjoy the wealth and fortune you already have. Do not make promises on finances to others. Consider turning to others for advice on how to save money. Those born in the year of the Snake can be good advisors.

The year of the Pig provides the Dragon with many opportunities to shine in their career. The Dragon will have to rely on their skill, charm and assets in order to handle the increased pressure and workload that will be laid on them. If used correctly, this can be a very fruitful year for the Dragon in terms of progress and productivity. The bulk of your income will come from your career as well.

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The experience of hardship and obstacles will also help shape you to face tougher obstacles in future with a more professional and readier attitude. Rely on your rationality and practicality to prevail. The Dragon belongs to the element Earth. It is possible that Dragons can find new love; however this relationship might not have a positive outcome.

It is best to be cautious and take your time to understand the other party well before committing.

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As the current cycle of the Chinese calendar ends, fortune falls upon both single and attached Dragons. Love can be found in the most unexpected of places and attached Dragons will find progress in moving their relationship forward. Beware of misunderstandings or arguments among married couples. Attached Dragons should be cautious not to let their eyes wander this year. Like many other signs belonging to the element of earth, the Dragon will have to keep watch over their health this year.

You must also be cautious about your temperament. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into fights or conflicts. Finding a positive outlet or hobby to let out your tension and frustration without hurting yourself or others is advised this year. This is a busy year for you as well, so make sure you take adequate breaks and rest where needed. The Pig also blesses the Dragon with fortune in their wealth and bank accounts. However, you must not enter anything blindly.

By now, the Dragon should realise that they can only rely on their own wisdom, knowledge and better judgement. You can employ others such as the Horse or Pig to aid you in financial investments, but you should always take great precaution when inviting others. This year, you may be required to travel more frequently.

Focus on reorganisation or improving accountancy methods for your financials. As the Pig belongs to the water element, this year brings in many opportunities for you to shine and progress in your career. This growth does not come without its own challenges and hardships. The Snake may need some time to reorganise and restructure themselves before they jump right back into work.

How hard you work will determine how well you do overall. Small mistakes or administrative errors may frustrate you, but you are equipped to handle them.

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Avoid changing jobs or career fields this year as this will be too stressful a change to be beneficial to you. The prospect of love is fragile this year. As the year of the Pig rolls around, it exposes the inner sensitivities and insecurities of many signs. The Snake may be prone to being more sensitive and emotional, especially around their partner.

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Rejection will be particularly difficult for them to get through. However, knowing this, you can learn to guard yourself and cut through conflicts with honesty and openness. The charm and slick wit of the Snake can be attractive, but jealousy can easily cloud these traits. It is your job to make sure that your intentions such as your feelings, ideas or thoughts towards the other party are clear and that your charming wit is on full display. This can be a good time for marriage if the right time is chosen.

Getting enough sleep is important for the sign of the Snake this year. As you are more sensitive to your environment and conflicts, you are more prone to bouts of insomnia, depression and stress. It is important that you do not take your health for granted. Health must be at the forefront of your mind this year. Indoor activities such as yoga, table tennis or Zumba are highly favoured this year. Both your physical and mental condition should always be at their fullest before you embark on anything.

Wealth may be shaky this year. The Snake should be cautious as they may be prone to making decisions that may seem good at the time, but ultimately lead to a loss in the long run. This is even more likely if you are sleep deprived or not in the best state of mind. You must learn to be conservative when it comes to where you wish to spend your money. While your income through career will likely be stable, you must take caution when it comes to outside investments. This is a good time to budget and employ money-saving methods in your daily life.

The Horse must be prepared to work hard this year, but be thankful as your efforts will not have gone unnoticed. The Pig blesses the Horse with the energy to handle challenges that may come your way, as well as help you grow and develop in your career.

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You must be cautious, however, as the more progress you make, the more responsibility you will likely inherit. Do not try to shoulder everything by yourself. Do not be afraid to turn to those around you for aid or advice. Make sure you have plenty of reliable colleagues or mentors with strong bonds that can help you in your time of need. This is a blessed time for those born in the year of the Horse to find love. The energies of the Pig meld harmoniously with that of the Horse.

Baby Born in the 12222 Year of Pig

Single Horses will find this is a most fortunate time for meeting someone new and sparking potential romances. However, both have the potential to put work first over romance, neglecting this prosperous time for emotional growth and bonding. Attached Horses should be extra careful not to neglect their partners or lose time with them in favour of work. Be cautious about new love β€” do not rush into anything without proper assessment. Those born in the year of the Horse are normally active and health conscious.

This good health continues on in the beginning of the year. However, you may find yourself spending more time at home. This may lead to more minor accidents at home. Small issues concerning your health may crop up as well. They will be minor, but should be taken care of immediately to avoid them leading on to more serious issues. It is especially important that you get enough sleep and remain hydrated. As this year promises to be a busy one, you must be more vigilant concerning your well-being, even if you are in good health.

Your wealth may be bolstered if you work with other people when it comes to making investments or starting anything new. However, the Horse must be careful about watching the environment. External policies and shifts in the world of economics can indirectly affect your investments or finances. Do not be hasty in spending as well, as trivial or household expenses may increase this year.

Budgeting your resources can help lessen expenditure and keep your bank account full for a rainy day. The Pig and Goat are both farm animals so they can get along well together and be beneficial to each other. This year, those born under the sign of the Goat can finally enjoy the fruits of their labour. Naturally hardworking and dedicated, now is the time where the Goat sees their bigger projects come to a successful end.

Whatever the age, now is a good time to plant new seeds for the beginnings of new projects or businesses. This is also a good time to jump at any new career goals or openings. However, ensure that your heart is in the matter before making any decisions. The Goat is blessed by the Pig this year. Major events of love are likely to take place, be it marriage or starting a family.