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Which is fine if you're 22 and at a college party. But as the concept for a tarot deck?

Not so much. There is little correlation to the arcana being portrayed much less the suit. Characters and theming are almost arbitrarily assigned and we have references to Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid and Natalie Portman's Nina from Darren Aronofsky's dark masterpiece about obsession and mental illness, Black Swan, along side references to Cinderella and Pirates of the Carribean. Because Swan Princess, silly! And that black feather tutu she and Mila Kunis both wore is freaking sickening AND sexy so, duh, of course its going in the deck.

And pirates are totally fetch! This is not a fairy tale themed deck. Just a handful of cards are. Do not the French inspired title fool you.

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This deck is no francophile and the references start and end with those three words. And certainly don't be fooled into thinking this is a dark or shadow work deck because "de la nuit" directly translates to "of the night. Despite nearly every card having a woman on it this is no feminist deck.

I am not sure if this party on Tarot Ialand is a bachelorette party or the attendees are primarily lipstick lesbians but there are virtually no men in sight. Or it could be that boys are stupid and totally woul have ruined the princess fantasy of the party so the wannabe Angels invited their seven gay bff's to the party to play the "boy parts" of The Emperor, the Kings and inexplicably two of the four knights and they're just as, if not more so, pretty as the girls and all are super hunky yet totally non threatening.

Or this is ABC really scraping the barrel and getting the last few crumbs out of its The Bachelor franchise as these 72 babes have to compete the hands of one of the eligible bachelors in The Bachelor: Tarot Island. I am not entirely sure. But wait! Duh, everyone knows a tarot deck only has 78 cards. Well that is correct, but prepare yourselves for this deck has an entirely new major arcana to debut: The Angel de la Nuit! Who is this dark and sultry winged creature? Did she refuse to follow the divine plan of The Lord and was thus cast out of heaven?

Leo DISCRETION IS NOT AN OPTION FOR THEM! Current Love Energy- October 2019

Was she just too sexy and naughty that Michael and Gabriel just couldn't handle it anymore and thus convinced JC to give her the boot? Is this the Regina George of Heaven?

See a Problem?

Or maybe Lilith? Or is this the obligatory bad girl, sexy angel you'll find at least 12 of at any random Halloween party because this Halloween costume takes virtually no effort or imagination most likely. Well your guess is as good as mine as the LWB which is otherwise not even worth mentioning except for the sake of pointing this out has no description of this rebel whatsoever.

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She's so naughty she defies classification! I was not the intended audience for this deck. I was told I needed a few more feminine options among my decks but I would not be able to offer this to any female querant with a straight face and can't imagine doing a reading of any serious nature with this. I am sure it is just fine for frivolous readings, which have their time and place. However, I am not sure who the intended audience for this deck is.

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Nearly every single female tarot reader I've encountered, regardless of skillset, seems far too intelligent for this. But I am not a female and perhaps this appeals to a certain fantasy or aesthetic that is more relatable to women. I don't know so I'll just shut up now. Hello, I hope you enjoy my little shoppe!

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Quantities are limited so make sure to get it fast before they sell out. Thank you! Meaning "the night" in French, Tarot de la Nuit is a journey into powerful darkness under the moonlight of glamour and magic.

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I just love, love, love doing tarot readings and everything else connected with tarot and astrology. Capricorn October Current Love Energy Update. from Alexandra Vivite Somnia. Alexandra Vivite Somnia; videos; 33, views; Updated today Current Love Energy October by Alexandra Vivite .

Each Arcana is a work of art, empowering you to find the answers you seek. Close menu.

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