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Through this number your energetic field lets others know if your personality is the nurturer, communicator, observer, mediator, adventurer or humanitarian.

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Is strong, and insights seem to come from out of the blue. You are enthusiastic and you give your life a dramatic and spectacular turn. It is the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. The Leveller and its editors have no phone or office, but can be contacted with letters of love or hate at:.

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Disorganized white nationalist groups that were dormant for several years have had new life breathed into them as farright politicians enjoy increased electoral support. The rise of political authoritarians like Donald Trump, Sebastian Kurz, and Marine Le Pen in , has coincided with an increase in the number of hate crimes against minorities. In defiance of previous liberal trends towards multiculturalism, the rise of the alt-right has signalled something of a renaissance for white nationalists and other hate groups.

With more supporters, far-right groups are organizing demonstrations in larger numbers. In the article, hate crimes researcher Barbara Perry from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology notes that in the last three years, the number of right-wing racist groups increased in Canada from around to upwards of Perry also notes that far-right groups commit many more violent hate crimes compared to radical Islamists. Over 30 years in Canada, she tracked violent hate crimes by far-right extremists, compared to seven by radical Islamists — who nonetheless draw much more media scrutiny and law enforcement resources.

When it comes to rhetoric and methods the altright has positioned themselves similarly brave warriors against mainstream — except they are fighting to spread politics of hate and fear. A video filmed by C. These sentiments are reactionary in the purest sense of the word — they are a reaction to some of the social justice achievements of the past decades. The partial success of feminist and anti-racist movements, for example, have actually created a sense of grievance in dominant communities.

Opportunities for the white working and middle classes are being squeezed by globalized trade and increasingly successful minorities. But instead of targeting the economic oppressors above them, white nationalists go after oppressed communities below them. It has always been a fascist strategy to scapegoat groups with little power, claiming through convenient conspiracy theories they are actually powerful and threatening. This is the sentiment that the alt-right has tapped into so powerfully.

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Figureheads like Richard Spencer, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy have found ways to peddle white nationalist sentiments in appealing and social-media savvy ways. In every way the alt-right presents a more accessible, modern and open style — from their casual, hipster style to their savvy social media use. But in the end what they are calling for is deeply reactionary — literally a throwback to medieval Crusades.

In all, the alt-right has created a cult-like sense of belonging to many who have increasingly felt disenfranchised. And those in power now speak the language of the alt-right. What should we do? We have written all this to say that challenging far-right power and discourse is more important than ever. Fortunately, we have justice and beauty on our side. The Leveller is experimenting with paying our contributors, recognizing that your time is valuable and without you, the Leveller would cease to print. To facilitate paying our contributors, the Leveller has created an Investigative Journalism Fund, so that we can sustain this payment model as well as fund larger investigative research projects, or perhaps even add a journalist to the payroll someday….

The debasement of democratic principles and liberal cosmopolitanism is well-underway as other far-right leaders are increasingly elevated to positions of power in several nation-states. Marine Le Pen of Front National, a farright party in France, has successfully transformed it from a fringe party to a mainstream option, by doubling its support base since None of this was supposed to happen.

Europe was supposed to be on an inevitable march to a progressive and economically-harmonized union.

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The companies implants, which they provide for free, have been very popular throughout the world, with 3. You may even learn something about yourself — I had no idea I was interested in pelicans, for example! They are such a beautiful and powerful species, with a high level of emotional intelligence. But none of this addresses issues surrounding social decay — and especially around other mental health issues experienced by younger generations who have grown up with the platform. None of this was supposed to happen.

Demography was supposed to be against them — young people and urbanites are inherently more progressive and racial minorities are growing in numbers and influence. The rise of a young and dynamic alt-right movement seems to have overcome this prediction. The alt-right has appropriated aspects of the posts leftist counterculture in a successful synergy reminiscent of the original Fascist i. Defenders of this alterna-. Stanley was supported by a white rural Saskatchewan group, Farmers with Firearms, which was formed months before the Boushie murder.

A Stanley supporter initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Feb. The page sparked outrage and calls for Go Fund Me to take down the site, which it refused. A separate Leadnow. A groundworkforchange. His other recommendations included expanding the database of potential Indigenous jurors and allowing Indigenous people living on-reserve to volunteer for jury service. Gun expert A. Somerset told VICE that the very rare hang-fire can happen, but usually within a fraction of a second, not for extended periods of time after pulling the trigger.

Enough killing our people. A whitewash. And that is exactly what they did. To do our best to make sure that no family has to go through what they went through. She said they were calling for. This really gets to the unspoken heart of the matter: land. Until the week of the Boushie family meetings, the Liberals maintained that the modern treaty framework — the comprehensive land claims and self-government policies — was the way forward, including on how the Canadian government would implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Liberals are attempting to re-define what self-determination actually means. Indigenous peoples languish in systemic poverty due to It also embodies a wider of problem of systematic discrimination at the hands of police.

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Instead of Colten, the family was unpleasantly greeted by a dozen RCMP officers who arrived after dark. While several officers searched outside with guns drawn, a number of others entered the house uninvited and searched the house, waking up the children. Mike Gibbs in October When questioned in a press conference surrounding the meeting with the Prime Minister on Feb. How many of us work on or near reserves and are getting fed up with the race card being used every time someone gets caught breaking the law?

Yet, as always, and echoing countless colour-blind commentators across the country, issues of race are obfuscated. In a media advisory dated Jan.

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We want acknowledgement. We want validation. We want to be consulted. The proposed compensation amounts are not in any way reflective of the full scope of the immense pain and suffering that has been experienced by myself and so many others. Representatives of the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network have been invited to meetings of the foundation — and we encourage them to reconsider their decision to decline these invitations and to participate in the process. They are liable and responsible, and in the coming resolution of the Sixties Scoop this cannot be resolved without our collective cooperation.

In a Feb. The purpose of the session was to explain that the. The Survivors Network is also encouraging survivors to download and submit a. To be finalized, the settlement must be approved by the courts. Hearings, at which the courts will receive submissions, are scheduled for May in Saskatoon and for May in Toronto.

The Survivors Network plans to attend the hearings in order to submit its objections to the proposed settlement. CUPE set the strike deadline for midnight on Mar. Last November Gibson was hospitalized for three weeks for mental health reasons. Ultimately, I had to agree not to try and kill myself on campus.

Gibson did not consult a lawyer before signing the contract. In early January Gibson called campus security because she was having suicidal thoughts, which was what her contract instructed her to do. It took minutes for security to arrive, according to Gibson, and during this time she took pills with the intention to harm herself. On Jan. This was problematic for Gibson because she uses a wheelchair and many housing options are not accessible. Gibson is currently living in a hospital.

Gibson currently has a lawyer, who has asked the university to allow Gibson to return to her studies by Feb. Gibson plans to pursue further legal action against the university. Carleton has a reputation as being one of the leading accessible universities in Canada for people with disabilities, including mental health conditions. In , Carleton created its Student Mental Health Framework, making the university the first post-secondary institution to have such a policy.

The framework was updated in However, in recent years students, including Gibson, have complained that Carleton does not follow its framework. Students should be entitled to support in their worst moments. Gibson has received supportive messages in response to her post. I am one of those students [like you], and I am tired of being silent. That is a feat in itself. So sorry to hear that Carleton University has no morals. Abarca and de los Santos started the talk by relating how Mariano Abarca was murdered in his family restaurant in Chicomuselo, Chiapas in southern Mexico on Nov.

He was also a father of four and a founding member of REMA. He was released for lack of evidence but murdered three months later.

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According to Mining Watch Canada, during his incarceration the Canadian Embassy in Mexico received 1, letters expressing concerns for his safety. However, Abarca and de los Santos stated that despite the threats towards Mariano, the embassy instead consistently provided support to Blackfire Explorations during the time of conflict between the community and the mine. Photo: Ben Powless. Furthermore, 70 per cent of Canadian Foreign Direct Investment is in the mining sector. They also presented some of the social and environmental impacts of these projects.

The picture showed men and women of all ages from three communities in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. He then stated that these three communities are related to the activities of large Canadian transnational Goldcorp Inc.

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The delegation finished the talk urging Canada to hold Canadian mining companies accountable for their operations in Mexico. The Public Sector Integrity Commissioner, Joe Friday, has 90 calendar days from the date of filing the complaint to decide whether or not to investigate. Faqiri had dealt with schizophrenia for years and was awaiting transfer to a mental health facility. After 11 days in custody, the year old Faqiri was beaten to death in his cell, on Dec.

The Feb. Champ, an Ottawa-based lawyer, talked about a trial he worked on in which a young woman who suffered from mental illness was thrown in jail, ultimately losing her life at the hand of police officers. But the most awaited and emotional speech of the night was given by Yusuf Faqiri, explaining in detail the life his brother Soleiman, who was living with him.

In his speech, Faqiri insisted that his brother, before being someone with a mental illness, was a human being, and like any other, he had dreams. He had ambitions. He had feelings. And this is why, still today, Faqiri cannot accept the fact that his brother was beaten to death and nobody has been held accountable. He wants to under-. It was denied almost exactly a year after his death on Dec.

The event, which was attended by about 50 students, including some who made their way from Carleton University, was followed by a period of questions from the public. Some people suggested a march should be initiated to pursue the fight. Faqiri, an Ajax Ontario resident, will also give the same speech in different universities in the province. Lorsque les policiers arrivent sur les lieux, un homme noir de 58 ans est en crise. Une autre shot! Allez-y, allez-y! Ils finissent par le menotter. De quelle lutte parle-t-on exactement? Pas seulement les travailleuses.

Toutes les femmes. Parce que les vies noires comptent aussi. Through colonization Akikpautik was eventually damned, and the islands that make up the larger Akikodjiwan landscape are now called Chau-. We offer here a timeline of the continued destruction of the ultiJustin mate place of reconciliation inscribed by Creator. The government offers two types of lots for use. First, there are hydraulic lots on the shorelines where the water power can be harnessed. These are offered under a limited form of sale in that the government can resume possession at any time for public purposes.

Plans are officially announced regarding an Indigenous Centre on Victoria Island. Grandfather Commanda is invited to participate and Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal is commissioned to design the centre. Eddy Manufacturing gains majority control of the Ring Dam, the buildings, the hydraulic lot leases, and takes over the operation for its pulp and paper manufacturing purposes. A provision remains in the leases that states the government can resume possession for public purposes.

The NCC purchases 40 per cent of E. As a condition of this purchase, the NCC is to have first right to purchase E. Chiarelli later changes his position. Domtar Inc. This includes the lease interests and building infrastructure, not the land or the waterscape. Nothing materializes. Domtar closes their paper mill operation. Mayor Jim Watson pledges to cut red tape regarding the redevelopment of the islands.

Photo: Peter Stockdale. The pre-hearing is adjourned until August AUG The media reports Domtar has sold land on the islands to Windmill; land that Domtar has never proven it owns. Lynn Gehl, Ph. In she won an Ontario Court of Appeal case on sex discrimination in the Indian Act, and is an outspoken critic of the Algonquin land claims process. You can reach her through www. Makuch rules. He further argued the appellants failed to raise legitimate land use planning grounds on which the Board could rely on to allow their appeals.

A mosque in Ottawa is vandalized. NOV Justin Trudeau is elected prime minister, having promised a renewed nation-to-nation relationship and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Hackland presiding. Local activist Greg Macdougall releases a video where Jeff Westeinde of Windmill explains Windmill will be leasing the land from the Algonquin.

Dumont explains that Akikodjiwan is an Algonquin sacred site, that it is being violated, and that no one would tolerate the desecration of colonial sacred sites like a church or mosque. FEB On Feb. These cookie are essential to our site in order to enable you to move around it and to use its features. Without these essential cookies we may not be able to provide certain services or features and our site will not perform as smoothly for you as we would like.

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