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The Cancer Woman

If you feel you need a strong partner to lean on in this life, then maybe you should consider Capricorn or Taurus. When two Cancers are in a married relationship, it will last for a while. There are a lot of the same things happening in this match. However, you need a few differences to keep the connection with your partner more exciting and fun. When it comes to marriage, she works well with men of earth signs. Together, both can co-create a harmonizing life.

Quick Tips for Aquarius-Cancer Couples

In the same vein, your tender nurturing can help the Archer develop their soft side. Making friends with Aquarius is an interesting business for you, Cancer. Your Natal Chart and Your…. All Categories. Sure, Cancers like to have fun, but they also need assurances of loyalty, not a Say Anything boombox gesture after a week of not texting back. They are energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate.

The wife comes with many positive energies and ideas, while the husband can help bring all the ideas into something practical and profitable. As she craves for security and stability, the female Cancerian wants to get involved in a relationship with a solid financial foundation providing her a home to enjoy.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

She will feel safe being with Capricorn who has high ambitions and truly understands the importance of goal setting. In general, this is a pair that will go strong for a long term — they love every moment spending together. She will get impressed at his sense of style as well as how he approaches to love. The bull guy tends to take things slowly, and this make Cancer woman pleased as she does not the type falling for someone quickly. Not yet, this sensitive lady will be surprised at his sensual nature and deep appreciation for beauty in a good way. Cancer loves trading off roles in the bedroom, and may be dominant or submissive as the mood dictates.

Subtly playing with power balances through BDSM exploration can be fun for Crabs, as it engages both their body and mind in the bedroom. When it comes to positions, Cancer isn't interested in bells and whistles, and far prefers a position that allows plenty of eye contact, such as the coital alignment technique CAT , a twist on missionary where the partners are both at eye level. Finally, Cancer can't get enough of lazy, naked days and mornings in bed, so making sure to allow plenty of skin-on-skin contact and naked cuddling is essential to keep your favorite Cancer as happy as possible.

Let her feel. Cancer women have deep emotional reserves and use them to lavish love on their partner, but in order to feel safe, Cancer needs permission to feel without sensing that her partner is trying to "fix" them. Crying doesn't mean that a Cancer is "broken" or weak. Cancer women need their partners to recognize their emotional strength and resilience, and to understand that sharing emotions is their way of sharing love. It can't be emphasized enough that Cancer women don't want a partner to "fix" their problems—they want their partner to listen and provide nonjudgmental support.

Be honest with yourself. Before you can effectively communicate with a Cancer woman, check in with yourself to know how you feel, where you stand, and who you are. A Cancer woman cannot abide dishonesty, especially when people are dishonest with themselves.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Honesty goes far in this bond. A Cancer man may seem cool and aloof, but trust that he's incredibly emotional under the surface. There's a reason why Cancer's spirit animal is the Crab. He needs that tough shell to survive and endure the world around him. If you love a Cancer man, let him come out of that shell on his own, because asking what's wrong or otherwise prodding him will only make him turn inward.

A Cancer man needs his space, and giving it to him—and trusting that he'll be faithful—will go far in this relationship.

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Don't just talk. Talk is just one way that Cancers communicate.

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There's also touch, listening, and simply being present in the same room. A Cancer man communicates just as much with caresses and hugs as he does with his words. To effectively communicate with a Cancer man, get to know all of his emotional vibrational frequencies. This includes understanding when he's ready for conversation or when he needs a little more time to digest information on his own. Smart, soulful, and achingly romantic, a Cancer ensures that passion, love, and romance will be hot, hot, hot even when you're both old and gray.

Of course, Cancers have their infamous moods, but learning how to navigate those emotional waters and giving your Crab space when he or she needs it will only make your connection stronger. Cancer will always have your back, even when it feels the whole world is turned against you, and this sign couldn't care less about material things. Reversals of fortune won't bother your Cancer mate, and he or she will always buoy you up while helping you stay in tune to the emotional side of life.

Cancer Compatibility

Intense and soulful, Cancer can easily make you feel like the only person in the room. But remember: They can apply that same charm to everyone , from their boss to their neighbor to their barista. Here's how to tell that you're truly the only one in their orbit. Emotional Crabs aren't shy about sharing all of their feelings with people they trust—but when they put up walls, it means trouble.

Cancer ♋ and Cancer ♋ Compatibility, Love and Friendship

Pay attention to when the Cancer you love says "nothing" is wrong—especially if he or she doesn't explain the full situation later. Passionate Cancers also communicate with their body, so if they begin resisting physical advances or stop initiating sex, it can indicate a larger problem in the relationship. I'm fine. To everyone except the people in their innermost circle, Cancer seems like he or she has everything together: following a schedule, hitting the gym, business as usual. But with their closest friends, Cancers will fall apart, expressing their fears and doubts, crying freely.

Cancer knows it's key to let those emotions loose, but fears doing it with people who may judge the waterworks.

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Worst Matches

So, which sign is the best match for Cancer woman? How good is the Cancer female in romantic relationships with men of different zodiac signs? Read this article and get ready to find out more about Cancer woman love and marriage compatibility. Reports on their emotional, sexual and intellectual compatibility with different signs of the Cancer woman - information and insights on the Cancer woman.

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